Bloodletters have inherent battle instincts and destroy enemies ruthlessly.
They are talented in the use of all kinds of weapons thanks to their high physical strength. Using latent
life force from the blood of corpses, Bloodletters summon ravenous blood minions to aid them in battle.
Blood minions are dreadful creatures who on command will chase enemies relentlessly. Bloodletters’
sword techniques are blindingly fast and victims are rendered unconscious from heavy blood loss.
Bloodletters are also capable of hiding in blood and teleportation, their own blood can be used
in destructive ways.


Pyromancers are gifted in producing fire using elements in the air.
They have special abilities that allow them to burn enemies with powerful flames as well as protect themselves using the forces of fire. Pyromancers also excel at summoning fire element minions.
They are capable of adding fire effects on their weapons for melee attacks, and shoot long range
fireballs at enemies to burn them.


Gadgeteers are machinery experts with the hand of Midas, they excel in the use of any kind of arms.
They confuse opponents by using traps, bombs, and other special devices. Any weapon feature
that they have access to they will most likely upgrade; they can build bombs or they can summon
other machinery that adds more fire-power to the Gadgeteers when they are in battle.