Heaven Island

Heaven Island is a large city of civilized people.
On first page of history, only humans existed. However, with the influence of Discordia,
different races came together in this land.
Heaven Island is located in the huge rock mountain between green grassland and sharp canyon.
You can only get to Heaven Island by using sky ship.

Green Grassland

One night, star light has been shaken. Star of God of Beast, Ferus was reacting unusually. Surprisingly,
what was happening in the sky was also happening on Green grassland. People heard the beasts rattle,
and attack of beasts has begun. Attack was so massive that residents of the town could not handle.
Therefore, they requested for the help of the adventurers.

Dozens of adventurers came to Green grassland. According to the priests, adventurers can hear
the sound of God as they enter the temple of the Ferus. Inside the temple, there is a head of the beast
named Malice. It is time for adventurers to meet evil Malice.

Sharp Canyon

There are two goblin forces facing each other in Sharp Canyon.
They are from the same ancestors.
However, they love to fight and kill each other. These two goblin clans are Grass Clan and Fire Clan.
Battle among these two goblin forces gave hard time to Ulds in building a civilization in Sharp Canyon.

Pentasaurs are trouble for people. They disturb researchers in gathering scarce resources and pollute
important water resources.
Adventurers of the Uld must massacre the goblins and Pentasaurs. Another task for the adventurers is
to find the descendant of the King Tavez who holds the key to stop all these tragedies.

Icy Plain

Conflict started from the Plain covered with severely cold snow and ice.
The cause of this conflict was within “Endless Conflict”

Yeti Clan and Icy Clan have been fighting each other, protecting their own land. Balance of power among
two clans broke as “Deathroad” interfered.
Deathroad has promised Chef Priest of Yeti immortality. This is, with a condition that he kill all his race.

However, “Deathroad” deceived Chef Priest of Yeti.
Yetis who were massacred resurrected as undead. Frozen Plain has fallen into bloody field.
As the number of undead increased, “Deathroad” gained more power.

FogIsland of Terror

Fog Island of Terror, which had strong navy, was once ruled by Kingdom of Knuz. However it is now
conquered by “Deathroad”.
God of the undead had an ambition to control all Uld by himself. He has taken the corpse of Franz,
the most courageous knight and was resurrected as “Deathroad”.

Deathroad used Renil who is a child of queen Eda and Franz to pollute the Fog Island of Terror.
Polluted material turned the living into undead. Deathroad started to build an army.

Adventurers who come to defeat the God of the undead will be facing leaders in each battle formation.
First female leader of Kingdom of Knuz, queen Bail; and Nepherta who is deceived by Death road and turned
into undead.