Nebulas, Home of the Gods

The clouds of large stars, called nebulas, are spread within the abyss
of the universe;
they are so immense that their actual size cannot be measured. The nebulas are filled with all kinds of
materials from the far reaches of the universe thereby allowing them to produce essentially anything. Also,
the nebulas work as ‘Libraries of the Universe,’ where they contain all sorts of records from the universe past,
present, and future.The nebulas were originally in a chaotic state.
However, similar types of material in the nebulas
started to condense together over time.
The course of condensation created objects
in the form of stars
and spiritual entities in the form of Gods.

A God would have equal presence to any given star.
There are numerous stars and Gods in the nebulas.
Sometimes, they would clash with each other
and operate irregularly and at times,
massive explosions would occur
from the colliding stars.
Battles among the Gods raged
endlessly in the enigmatic nebulas.


Uld is a planet that is located at the end of the nebula,where the stars of the Gods flicker constantly.
The nebulas expand and contract themselves periodically, causing Uld to fluctuate between the inside
and outside boundaries of the nebulas.

The Gods realized their power gets stronger when their worshippers gain more power.
The Gods rushed to confront the races of Uld to fight against each other. And thus the Dark Age began
in Uld while all kinds of savagery, magic, and unthinkable atrocities were ridden throughout.

When Uld is outside of the nebulas’ reach, civilizations flourished in the order of a rational and scientific age.

At present, planet Uld has suffered the Dark Age for hundreds of years and finally, it is coming
out of the nebulas. The Gods who cannot escape the nebulas are also receding from Uld.
Civilized races such as Satyrs, Humans, Gremlins, and Cyclopes are reconstructing civilization in parts
of Uld that turned into a wasteland.

The Totems of the Gods

The nebulas have an absolute binding force where the Gods are boundEven the mightiest Gods cannot escape the constraints of the nebulas.
However, the Gods long to escape and expand themselves in the infinite universe.
When the Dark Age of Uld was close to its end, the Gods discovered how they can escape
from the nebulas’ restrictions. It was made possible by the use of the “Totems of the Gods.”

The first Totem of the Gods was originally made by a dark magician that wanted to possess
the Gods’ powers by summoning them. Then, many other Totems were created as a result of competition
amongst the different Uld races, along with the intent of the Gods. The Gods were now able to proceed
with their intentions in Uld outside of the nebulas’ reach through these mysterious Totems.

Civilized Races and Discordia

There are two major forces when it comes to the different races in UldOne force strives for reason, science, and order.
These races are those such as Humans, Satyrs, Gremlins,
and Cyclopes’. These races create their own civilized unions
and work hard to reconstruct civilizations
within the ruins of Uld.The other force is called Discordia
and their intentions stem from deep roots
in savagery, disorder, and wars.

And much like these races, the Gods are divided into different forces.
There are Gods who seek order
and ones who seek chaos – they both encourage
the like-minded races on Uld to engage in war
against each other in order to expand their power.

The Birth of a New God

Adventurers gain special powers by accomplishing duties
they receive from the Totems of the Gods.
When the special power called Ether accumulates,
the adventurers themselves will be deified. Among
these adventurers, some will grow their power for the civilized race while some others will grow their
power enough to fight against other Gods for their sole benefit. Although the adventurers have different
propensities, they all try to create their own destinies without any interference from the Gods.